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The online community & school of learning the Avodah of the Kohanim as we prepare for the Third Temple. 

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Learn The Torat Kohanim באהבה

Connecting To Our Kohen Mission and Privilege & To Serve With LOVE!

Educating Kohanim

Our Mission is to educate fellow Kohanim about the practical laws and philosophical views of our sages of the Kehuna as they apply to the 3rd Temple. Through classes and courses, we aim to make the Torah of Kohanim accessible to all Kohanim worldwide in multiple languages. 

Empowering Kohanim Worldwide

Kohanim must unite in their cities, and areas, to come together and study the aspects of Kehuna. Kehuna Academy aims to serve as a resource center for groups of Kohanim to be able to download learning materials as well as serve as a unifying body for Kohanim worldwide.  

Neshei Kehuna

The wife and daughter of a Kohen have a special role in the Kehuna and are a crucial part of the Kohen dynasty. The Torah accords the Kohen women the full rights to the 24 gifts that the Kohanim receive and are considered to have a more lofty and elevated spiritual consciousness than the rest of the nation. 

Pirchei Kehuna

Pirchei Kehuna- Kohen Academy for Kids, is in the works to get our precious children, the younger generation, involved and excited about their rich heritage, empowering them to become leaders, and educate them in their role in the 3rd Temple. 

Social Awareness

As we know, the Kehuna and the 3rd Temple are for the greater service of the entire Jewish people and all of humanity. Through music, media, and the arts, Kehuna Academy aims to bring out the message for the entire world.

Let us unite as one Kohen family!

The Talmud says that the Kohanim are called a "nation". WE are the ones that are going to be doing the work in the Beit Hamikdash-3rd Temple, bless & serve the nation and bring peace -SHALOM!

As Kohanim, we have been entrusted to be Hashem's servants to not just the Jewish people but for the entire world. As it says, "They shall teach Your ordinances to Yaakov and Your Torah to Israel." (Devarim 33:10).  

"They shall instruct My people concerning [the difference] between holy and ordinary, and they shall inform them of [the difference] between contaminated and clean. Concerning a disagreement, they shall stand in the judgment and shall adjudicate them according to My laws" (Yechezkel 44:23-24). We find in the prophecy of Malachi, as well, that the role of the priest is to teach Torah to the people:

"For the lips of the kohen should safeguard knowledge, and people should seek teaching from his mouth; for he is an agent of Hashem, Master of Legions." (Malachi 2:7). 

We the Kohanim must unite as the backbone of the Jewish people and as the bearers of light to the nations. Let us together to learn the laws of the Korbanot, the Avodah in the Beit Hamikdash, and all the Halachot and spiritual work that is related to us. 

The purpose of this site is to serve as a unifying body for all the Kohanim in the world as we ready ourselves for the imminent coming of our King Moshiach.

On this site, you will find classes, courses, and written material that will help you our fellow Kohen brother and sister to prepare for your role in the Kehuna. 


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Classes & Courses Especially geared for the Kehuna

We are currently working to create a comprehensive curriculum and recruit teachers for the project

  • Sefer Yechezkel/ The 3rd Temple & The new Jerusalem 
  • Rambam- Sefer Avoda/Korbanot 
  • Mishnayot Kodshim 
  • Hashkafa: Kabbalah & Chassidus on Kehuna 
  • Select portions Talmud Zevachim 
  • Hilchot Shchita and visual learning about the parts of the Korbanot
  • Hilchot Nesiat Kapayim/ Blessing of The Kohanim 

Help Support Kehuna Academy!

Kehuna Academy is a BIG VISION that aims to fill in the void for a UNIFIED front for all Kohanim from around the world.
Part of the role of the Israelites is to support the Kohanim via the 24 gifts. We need YOUR help to create content in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES, materials, and build a team that will help us get the message out to the world!
We are obtaining haskamot- approbations from leading Torah sages.
We are in the midst of merging with the New-York based Ichud Hakohanim and becoming a US Federal recognized non-profit 501 C3

Get Involved!

 "Moshe stood at the gateway of the camp, and said, 'Whoever is for Hashem, join me!' – and all the Levites gathered around him." (Shemot 32:26) Get involved! See how you can help ״מי לה׳ אלי״. For more information and for help in starting a Kohen learning group -Chaburah in your city.


 Contact us, Rabbi Amichai Cohen and the Iggud Hakohanim/ Mitzpe Yericho group
Email: [email protected] /Whatsapp: +972546380852

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